From Gross To Gorgeous: Getting Your Charcoal Weber Ready For The Summer Season

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“Throw another shrimp on the barbie” is the tagline from a 1984 advertising commercial that is now synonymously associated with summer in Australia. Seafood on the barbecue during the warmer months is certainly a crowd favourite, but if you packed away your Weber barbecue last winter without winterising it, you have an afternoon of cleaning ahead before you can use it again over the summer.  Following these steps will take your barbecue from gross to gorgeous in just a few hours. Why Clean The Barbecue? While it is tempting to just empty the ashes and fire up the barbecue again without doing any cleaning, you are facing the risk of a fire flare-up  When you look at the inside of the bottom bowl of your barbecue, does it look like the paint is peeling away from the bowl? That is not paint at all, but it is carbonised grease. This grease has built up over the previous summer and it came from the fat of the meat you cooked. The drippings have all settled on the edges of your cooking bowl and are now a fire flare-up waiting to happen the next time you cook. What Do You Need To Clean The Barbecue? The easiest way to clean the inside of your barbecue is to use heavy-duty oven cleaner. You can purchase cans of this at your local supermarket or home hardware store. Additionally, you will need black garbage bags, a scrubbing brush and access to water from a hose. How Do You Clean The Barbecue? It is important you choose a cleaning spot that does not have a lot of grass, as the oven spray does contain chemicals that will kill your luscious lawn. A stone or concrete area is the best place to get cleaning. Spray the inside of the top and bottom pieces of the barbecue with the oven cleaner, and pay careful attention to the application details on the back of the can. Once the spray has been applied, place each of the two barbecue pieces into a separate trash bag, and knot them closed. Leave the trash bags out in the sun, and walk away to tackle other chores for a couple of hours. By leaving the barbecue in the sun, you are allowing the heat within the bag to fully activate the sodium hydroxide contained in the cleaner. With the barbecue enclosed in the bags, the fumes are able to dissolve the most stubborn of grease spots instead of evaporating into the air. After a couple of hours, carefully open the garbage bags. Make sure you open them at arms length so you don’t get a face full of strong, toxic fumes. Remove the barbecue pieces and rinse them clean with cold water. Any remaining grease spots should be scrubbed under the running water using a stiff brush. Once your barbecue is clean, it is ready to face the grilling months ahead without being a fire risk to you. Just don’t forget to buy some shrimp. Talk with someone from a business like Outdoor Living for more information on...

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How Red Cedar Wardrobes Can Protect Your Clothing from Moths

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Pulling a prized shirt or a beautiful dress out of your wardrobe, cabinet or chest of drawers, only to find it riddled with moth holes, can pretty much ruin your day. Over the centuries, people have tried all kinds of repellents to keep this insects away from their clothing, from moth balls to lavender oil. However, if you choose the right materials to build your wardrobe, you may not have to resort to any kind of moth repellent—certain varieties of cedar wood have long been believed to repel moth invaders. How does cedar repel moths? Contrary to popular belief, it is the moth larva, rather than the adult moth, that likes to chew embarrassing holes in your underpants. With adult moths generally use plants for food, the larvae are capable of digesting a much wider variety of organic materials for food, including fabrics. Egg-laying female moths like to lay their eggs in a place that is dark, sheltered, and which has a ready supply of food for their young. With this in mind, your priority is repelling female moths, since the males are harmless and the immature moth larvae lack wings and are incapable of much in the way of movement. Certain varieties of cedar achieve this with the natural oils they produce while alive, and which remains impregnated within their wood once felled and prepared for sale. The strong scent of this oil effectively masks the presence of your clothing to the female moths, who search for suitable laying locations with smell rather than sight. What kinds of cedar repel moths? There are many trees in the cedar family, and no two are equal. While many people think that any kind of cedar will do when it comes to making a moth-resistant cabinet, there are only two types of wood that you should be looking out for: Western red cedar—Sometimes sold as Pacific red cedar or shinglewood, western red cedar naturally holds a pungent, distinctively-scented oil within the pores of its wood. This wood has long been used to keep moths away from valuable fabrics, and the oil is often extracted and applied to other woods. It has little effect on moth larvae that manage to get inside your cabinets. Aromatic red cedar—Also known as Eastern red cedar or pencil cedar, this wood contains a similar oil to the Western red cedar. However, this oil has more deadly qualities, and in a well-built cabinet with low air circulation it can actually kill moth larvae. Since the aromatic red cedar is actually a juniper species rather than a ‘true’ cedar, it generally grows much smaller, so this wood is often used as a veneer. Be aware that the moth-repellent oils in this wood are not as concentrated as they are in western red cedar, and will evaporate away after several years. You may be tempted to choose the native option and opt for native Australian red cedar—don’t. Not only is the Australian red cedar ineffective at repelling moths, it actually produces a scent that attracts the cedar tip moth. This moth is a powerful burrower, and is capable of damaging both your clothing and the wood itself. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Pinoy...

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Antique Furniture Out Of Your Budget? Custom Build Will Fill Your Needs

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There is a rustic feel to antique furniture which make it a much-loved and sought-after item. Because of the demand for good-quality pieces, the price tag for some items may put them well outside your price range. But do not despair. If you are wanting antique-looking furniture for your home, there is still a way to get it without crying over the bill. To get what you really want, all you need to do is contact a custom furniture builder, and there are three main benefits in doing so. You Choose Your Timber One of the biggest benefits about having custom-made furniture is you decide what type of timber is used for the job. When choosing to have a piece made to look like it is aged, you can go one step further and help the environment by choosing to use recycled timber. Recycled timber is already aged as it has previously been used in other pieces. It gives a rustic, distressed look to the piece which a new piece of timber does not have. Your custom furniture maker will choose wood which is termite- and pest-free before they begin the project; however, the choice of wood to be used is completely up to you. This means you get to choose timber which will suit your existing decor. You Choose Your Fabric And Fill If you have a family member who suffers from allergies, you already know you need to be careful about the type of furniture you bring into your home. In some instances, the stuffing within new sofas has been known to cause allergies such as skin rash. Having an antique-looking sofa made for you means you get to choose both the fabric and the fill. A microfibre cover, for example, has the expensive look of leather or suede but is hypo-allergenic. This means the allergy sufferer of your family has one less irritant in the home. It Is A Unique Piece The third reason for choosing custom-build is because it will be unique. Need the piece to fit in an abnormal shape or size room? No problem! This piece of furniture can be designed to suit the room, rather than you having to arrange the room to suit the piece. Antique furniture is lovely, but it was built to a uniform size which may not fit your exact requirements. Custom builds mean you decide exactly the size and shape your new piece is going to be. It makes sense to have your next piece of furniture custom built when you want an antique look without the price tag they command. Talk to a custom builder from a business like Dream Design Furniture & Upholstery to learn more about designing furniture with an antique...

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Why Teak Makes the Best Material Versus Metal for Patio Furniture

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Today’s options for patio furniture materials range from many varieties of wood and metal to even pieces made from PVC pipe and other plastics. While each type of material may offer its own advantages, most people prefer natural materials for furniture versus plastic, and this means either wood or metal. Teak has long been a favourite for homeowners and apartment dwellers, and it offers many advantages over metal furniture. 1. It’s easy to recycle If you’re very eco-conscious then of course you want to choose patio furniture pieces that are easy to recycle, so you don’t need to simply toss them in the trash and have them glut a landfill later down the road. While metal can be recycled, it typically creates pollution to do this, as it may need to be heated in order to be melted down or cut and then reused. This heat in a recycling centre can result in fumes and emissions. Teak can simply be cut down and the pieces reused, or the wood can be easily ground up and have glue added for use in creating wood sheets and panelling. This makes it a much more eco-friendly option than metal. 2. It’s naturally weatherproof and durable Metal pieces often need to be coated and painted or otherwise covered so they don’t allow rust to form; typically it’s good to take metal furniture in during the winter months so it’s not exposed to snow and ice. Teak is very durable and will resist all forms of weather year-round. You don’t need to paint it or otherwise treat it, and don’t need to even cover it in the rain or snow. Its natural oils and rubber content make it very durable while still offering a cosy, natural look. 3. It’s lightweight Moving metal pieces around a patio can be a challenge, and if you live in an apartment, you may find that you often move when a lease is up. Those heavy metal pieces can be difficult to pick up and pack into a moving truck, whereas teak pieces are naturally lightweight and easy to move. For those who are elderly or who have back problems, choosing lightweight pieces for furniture especially for the patio can be the right choice. You may not move your living room furniture around a lot, but your patio furniture may need to be moved often. You don’t need to strain your back every time you want to slide a chair under the awning or move a table closer to the grill when you choose teak. Check out a business like The Teak Place to examine the different options for teak...

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